10 Uses for Lavender

Lavender is quite easily the most popular essential oil out there. Why? There are about 1000000 different ways to use it but today we are focusing on my top 10 favorite uses for this powerhouse oil!

Here are some quick facts about Young Living's Lavender oil before we dive into the uses:

Lavender oil is steam distilled from the flowing part of the plant. It takes about 27 SQUARE FEET of lavender to make ONE 15mL bottle of essential oil. Young Living owns or co-ops all of their farms to ensure that we get the best quality oil out there starting from the time the seed is planted to the time the bottle arrives at your door! This means that we know exactly where our lavender comes from...Mona, Utah! You can actually go visit the farm anytime you want to (so cool, right?!)

OKAY back on track....

Lavender has always been know for it's aromatic properties, especially when it comes to spa treatments or personal care items. It's such a relaxing, calming scent...so how can we incorporate this oil into your everyday life?

1) Inhale. Feeling anxious or stressed? A a drop of Lavender to your palm, rub your hands together and cup them over your nose. Deeply inhale the scent & get ready for those feelings to melt away.

2) Use before sleep. Need to turn off your mind at night? Lavender is super good at helping you chill out. Make a linen spray with a few drops of Lavender, water and a splash of witch hazel.

3) Apply to the back of your neck. This is going to be instant relaxation. This is also a great way to calm babies/kids down from any fits!

4) DIFFUSE. If you do not have a diffuser yet, we need to change that. A diffuser is a great way to instantly change the mood of your house. Once you throw some Lavender in there and turn it on, you'll notice lots of relaxing, kids napping, adults chilling out after work , easier bedtime routines...all the things.

5) Seasonal support. Spring time is rough with all the pollen flying around. Lavender mixed with Peppermint and Lemon is the BOMB.

6) Flavoring. Add a drop to your lemonade or coffee for a fun floral aspect! How amazing would lavender lemonade be at a baby shower?!

7) Skin support. Adding a drop of lavender to your moisturizer is a great way to enhance skin (even sensitive skin- Lavender is very gentle)

8) Kids. You'll see many kids products infused with Lavender essential oil (like the whole baby line that Young Living has!) There are a few reasons for this- its super gentle (like I said above), it's calming (all the tired mamas know whats up) and it can help with diaper rash! If your worried about applying oils to your kiddos- don't be! There are dilutions you can use (or there are pre-diluted oils) to make things easier.

9) Perfume. Fragrance is super super bad for you. I could go on a whole rant about this now but in short, people are calling it "chemical stew". Yuck. I have been ditching all of my fragrance recently, meaning I was in need of some natural perfumes! Lavender goes so well with other oils like Cedarwood, Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, Lemon, Palo Santo and more!

10) Mental well-being. Lavender can help promote consciousness, health, love, peace and a greater sense of well-being!

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Dive right in and grab a diffuser and the most popular oils (including lavender) here!

Have you ever used lavender for anything I mentioned above?! I'd love to know!!

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