Handling Your Busy Season

I always like to think of life in "seasons". Sometimes you're in a season of complete bliss. Sometimes you're in a hard/grieving season. Sometimes you're in a season of change. Sometimes you're in your busy season...

You know the "busy season". It's when life is crazy, either in your personal life or at work. Things are moving 90 miles an hour and you can barley come up for air. It's when things you normally do get thrown to the side...like taking care of yourself, exercising or eating well. This is also when your body is more susceptible to getting run down leading to a whole other set of problems that you jut don't have time for.

So let's break down how I'm handling my busy season this year. I work at a winery, so my busy season is about 4 months straight of no days off, 60ish hour work weeks and still coming home to work on my other passions and keep my house running.

This year I have a whole new wellness plan I can't wait to try out. I'm covering stress, sleep, immune systems, energy and emotions.

  1. Cortistop- Let's talk about cortisol. It is the "stress hormone" because it is produced when you are under stress. While is has it's benefits, if you are under constant stress and your body is producing too much cortisol, it can has negative effects...anxiety, depression, trouble sleeping and weight gain are a few! Check out the full article on WebMD. Cortistop will help support that glandular system responsible for creating the cortisol. I am taking two of these capsules before breakfast every day.
  2. Joy- Joy essential oil blend is something I put over my heart everyday...but especially during my busy season. It's great for emotional balance, promoting self-love and confidence. All important aspects to embrace during you crazy day!
  3. Super B- B vitamins all have different properties that help your body stay energized, help with mood support and cognitive function, however; B vitamins are not stored in your body so they need replenished everyday. Super B has all eight B vitamins, nutmeg essential oil and a ton of minerals. Take with a meal!
  4. Thieves- Thieves is an essential oil blend that helps boost your immune system! It also has amazing cleaning power. I will be using Thieves on my spine nightly and using the Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier all the time at work.
  5. Immupro- A crazy good immune boosting supplement that has natural melatonin in it! Perfect for a good night of sleep to help your body get the time it needs to repair itself! It has a blend of three mushrooms with powerful antioxidants as well as Zinc and Selenium!

Other useful tips: meal prep as much as possible so you can fuel your body with easy good food, pick out your outfits the night before work (or go a step further and pick out your outfits for the week), make short "to-do" lists with easily accomplishable tasks to do each day!

YOU'VE GOT THIS. I know you can tackle anything that comes at you in this season of your life! I can't wait to see what amazing things you accomplish. And hey, the good thing about seasons is that they come and go. If you're in a hard season of life, cut yourself some slack, take care of yourself and keep your chin up until they next season comes around! Who knows, it could be right around the corner!

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