Ditch the nail polish remover

No WAY. You can't use essential oils to remove nail polish! Can you?

Yes, girl. There's totally an oil for that. Plus, its toxin free...and we can't say the same for nail polish remover. Let's kick these harsh products out of the house for good!

Ingredients to avoid:
Acetone, Butyl acetate and Ethyl acetate

Why: risks from above ingredients include: headaches, dizziness, irritated eyes, skin, mouth, stomach and throat

Solution: LEMONGRASS! Take a few drops on a cotton pad to remove nail polish. May take a little more work than traditional nail polish remover- but so worth it! You will probably end up using 5-10 drops total!

I know this works on regular nail polish but I haven't heard anything about its efficiency on gel polish.

Have you ever tried to use lemongrass to remove your polish (regular or gel)? I'd love to hear your own tips and tricks for removing polish! What an easy solution (not to mention is smells 100% better than regular remover, am I right?!)

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