Once you join the Essential Rewards program, you will be required to make a minimum monthly order of $50.00PV. You will earn a percent back on the money spent for these orders. Most products have a certain value (called PV) and each month Young Living has different promotions based on the amount of PV you spend (starting at $100.00 PV). PV may not always be the same as the amount of money you are spending, so if you want to qualify for the free products Young Living gives away each month, make sure to pay attention to your PV. Below will be step by step instructions on how to change your monthly order, change your processing date and how to check your monthly order PV.


Log On

Start by logging onto your account. You will be sent to your Dashboard Summary.


Essential Rewards

Click on the "Essential Rewards" button on the left.


My Monthly Order

This is your "My Monthly Order" homepage. From here you can change your monthly order as well as your processing date. This is also a good place to check your monthly PV if you are trying to qualify for PV promotions.


Change Monthly Order

We will start by showing you how to change your monthly order. This can be done every month. Click "Change Order" to begin.


Monthly Order Catalog

From here you will be able to find all of the products to create your monthly order. There are two ways to find products.



If you know exactly what item you are looking for, trying searching by typing the product name or number into the search bar.



If you do not know exactly what product you want, you can choose to browse by category.


Add Product

Once you have decided what to add to your monthly order, click "Add Product" seen on the right side of the screen. After you have clicked that button, the item you have added will be highlighted green and display "Item Added". If this does not happen, you have not added the item. Scroll down to see your summary.


Monthly Order Summary

When you scroll down, you will see your Monthly Order Summary. This will show all of the products you have added to your cart as well as the PV Subtotal and the total you will pay.


Save Order

Once you are finished, click "Save Monthly Order". No other actions are required; your order will process and ship automatically on your chosen date. As you can see above, this order did not meet the minimum PV for Young Living monthly promotions. Below we will show you how to check for that.


Meeting Monthly PV

The minimum PV you must have in your monthly order is $100.00 if you are trying to get the free gifts. Check the "Item PV" section to see what your PV is. Notice that not all products have a PV. This is completely optional.


Meeting Monthly PV

Once you have hit the minimum 100PV, the free promotion will pop up under the "Promotional Items" section. For this example, the 100PV gift was a 5mL Orange Vitality; however, this will vary from month to month. Once you are finished, click "Save Monthly Order".


Change Processing Date

Go to the Essential Rewards "My Monthly Order" page to change your processing date. You can change this from month to month based on your needs. Click the "Change Processing Day" button to start.


Pick Your Date

You will see two calendars on the screen, one for the current month and one for next month. The date highlighted in green is your current processing date.


Change Your Date

Select your new date by clicking it on the calendar. Once your new date is chosen, it will highlight in blue.



Click "Change Day" to save your new processing date.