Essential oils are so much more than a nice smell. They have seriously changed my whole lifestyle. I wasn't even really looking for that change but it was so natural and easy. I love finding products that I actually feel safe using in my house from candles // air freshener replacements, to cleaner laundry options, to personal care and beauty products. I mean who knew!!!

This process wasn't a quick one for me (although if you're looking for that it's totally possible). It has taken me almost 2 years to get to where I am now AND I'm still learning about new things on the reg.

I slowly started switching out my traditional products one by one as I ran out of them. First switch was my household cleaners (I actually was able to replace 6 cleaners with ONE bottle of Thieves Household Cleaner- talk about a space saver!) closely followed by toothpaste, candles, and the Clorox Wipes I thought my boyfriend would never part with.

On the slower side for me? Personal care products. I got nervous. What if they don't work? I mean I had been using the same products since high school...

I took the leap and tried some out. Obviously they were amazing.

I actually found out that most of my skin issues and eye irritations were caused by the freaking products I was using that were suppose to be helping me. Thank goodness for real, safe and natural products.

How did I do it, you ask??

Young Living has this amazing optional program called Essential Rewards that totally helped me embrace this change at my own pace. I had a strict budget (recent college grad, hollllaaaaa) and I really wanted to research what products the women in my group were loving. I am so so happy with where I am at in my wellness journey right now. There is always still more for me to learn but I really feel great- not only about the products I'm bringing into m house but also physically, mentally and emotionally.

This is what I want for you. You are the gatekeeper of your own house. You decide what goes in. Start small (or go all out, baby). This is YOUR journey so do it how you like. I'll just be here to cheer you on and help you along the way!

Beginning doesn't have to be complicated. I actually breakdown the BEST way to do so here: