Not All Oils Are Created Equally

Did you know that not all oils are created equal??

This is a pretty serious topic that I am super passionate about. I was an Agricultural and Environmental Plant Science major at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo- so excuse me if I get a little nerdy here.

What is their purpose in the plant? Depending on where the oils are located in the plant, they will have different "jobs". Essential oils may help some plants heal their wounds or help attract pollinators, which ultimately helps with plant reproduction. Think about how amazing certain flowers smell- those are the essential oils being produced to help attract a specific pollinator. On the other hand, some essential oils can ward off unwanted predators.

We can also conclude that different parts of the plants produce different essential oils. So the flower of one plant may be producing an essential oil to attract pollinators while maybe the leaves are producing an essential oil with a completely different molecular composition.

This brings us to the topic of essential oil extraction. When harvesting plant matter you must harvest from the correct area of the plant that will have the desired composition you're looking for. The method of extraction will also determine the oil composition. You want to make sure that the oils you are purchasing are extracted at ideal temperatures and pressures from the correct plant part so you get a high quality oil that contains its natural properties.

Here's the scary part. There is NO FDA regulation on essential oils. This means that some producers could be adulterating their oils. These oils could contain cheap petrochemicals, fillers, synthetically made molecules or may be missing the key constituents that make these oils work.

This is the reason I love Young Living as a company. Not only do they have 25+ years of experience in the industry, but they also own or co-op all of their farms which means they have complete control over planting, harvesting, hand-weeding etc. They also distill, test and bottle all of their own oils. Many companies buy pre-distilled oils which means they did not have control over purity.

If you are going to use oils, please make sure you are purchasing from a reputable producer and you know where the plant matter is coming from and how the oils were distilled. Think of the "know your farmer" or "farm to table" food movements. This is how you want to treat your essential oils!

Oh, and Check out these photos my mom took from their distillery & farm in Mona, Utah! You can actually go visit it anytime- you don't even have to be part of Young Living! How cool is that!

I can't wait for you to get your hands on these oils! Once you open the bottle you will immediately smell a difference AND just wait until you start seeing changes in your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing!!




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